Alpha QUBO Solver

Our advanced QUBO solvers can currently solve QUBO instances with up to 1,000,000 variables.  Alpha QUBO 2.0 replaced Alpha QUBO 1.0 in 2019.

Advanced Pre-processing Methods

  • Identifies variables that can be set to 0 or 1 in advance, without changing the set of optimal solutions.
  • This allows many problems to be reduced in size and solved more efficiently.
  • Can provide a big boost for solving large problems.
  • The pre-processing code can be used as a stand-alone or integrated with our primary solvers.

GPU Implementation

  • A conversion of our code to a GPU implementation is in beta testing and will be available for commercial use soon.
  • This is expected to deliver a 30X improvement in performance.


  • We have produced an algorithm for partitioning QUBO problems into subproblems.
  • Our approach is different from schemes D-Wave and others are attempting to use.
  • Coding and Testing just underway.
  • Represents the potential for solving much larger instances and a variety of QUBO-related problems

Alpha QUBO-Plus

  • QUBO problems that contain a cardinality constraint where the sum of the variables must equal a specified value.
  • QUBO problems that contain a cardinality constraint arises in a variety of practical applications, especially in finance.
  • QUBO problems that contain Knapsack Constraints development is underway.